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Worst Celeb Tattoos

I just came across the most disturbing collection of images you are likely to see on the internet.

Okay, there’s worse out there, but this collection of celebrity tattoos has got to be up there.

Lets start with a classic.. If you are from the worst part of any city you may well enjoy getting your name/postcode/southern cross tattooed in italics across your back. But, if you’re this guy, you take it a step further.

I wonder how many Bacardi Breezers he must have had to pluck up the courage to ask the tattoo artist for that.

Probably about half as many as this guy.

Wow. Granted it was about 1995, but I vaguely remember Hanson being a bit more attractive, and a bit less like three guys who have undergone repeated facial reconstructive surgery. The guy on the right looks like a young Antonio Banderas, and the middle guy (Taylor?).. well, dont look directly into his eyes.

How about this one?

Its some kind of S and M Christina Aguilera. Much better in my mind than on this muppets leg.

Speaking of bizarre pop starlet efforts.. see below..

What can I say. Put her on your back next to possessed Avril Lavigne..

I just hope these are all on the same guys body, and he is as far away from me as possible. Lets say, living in an igloo in Antarctica on a self imposed exile after a horrible run of bad decisions. If you turn him over, you’ll see this…

And this..

Dear god make it stop.

Okay one more. This has got to top them all. So many levels of wrong.

I’m truly sorry for this. If anyone knows this guy, encourage him to juggle some chainsaws with his feet, in the hope that this wierd MJ/Macauley/peadophilia thing disappears from our view forever.





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