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WFC is new. Its so brand spanking fecking new and shiny that this is the first post. I’m not sure what this will turn into, but at the moment its an outlet for all the thoughts and observations that i find funny as hell. For example, since WFC joined Twitter last night (yep, tech savvy. You know it) we have attracted 4 followers. Upon closer inspection, 50% of this huge and varied crowd are, in glorious and indisputable fact, porn stars.

I don’t know why this has happened, and I don’t care.

But what it did make me ponder is this – What if Twitter mirrored real life? Would I be forever followed by two shady porn stars, wherever I went? If I was, I think i’d be okay with it. Sure, there would be times where it was a little awkward… say, taking my girlfriend to meet my parents, or lying to the doctor about how many sexual partners i’ve had – Maybe having Tiffany and Scarlet a few steps behind me then would be a little uncomfortable. But on the whole it’d be okay. They’re strong, they could help me move house. We could play jenga together, and share earphones on the bus. They could tell me stories of their exploits while I drifted off to sleep. Plus we’d have enough people for doubles tennis if i got my dad to take a day off work. Sweet.



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